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[Dltk-dev] Best place to help write documentation?

Hey all,

I'm currently meandering my way through using the DLTK, and figured I
may be able to write up some documentation, as I learn my way through
the examples I am able to find.

I can't claim any sort of 'expertise' level with eclipse plugins or
the like, but I'm more than willing to help put pen to paper to help
out new developers with the Toolkit, and possibly give them a little
bit of something in terms of getting a hold of the DLTK and doing some
work with it.

Where is the best place I should start putting some of this down? (and
do you even want the help), or am I stepping on some work that is
already in progress?

Figured I would ask the question before bashing about like a elephant
on a china shop.

Thanks for your time,


E: mark.mandel@xxxxxxxxx

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