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[Dltk-dev] debugger patches

  i just synced against the HEAD to pull down the commits that contained the patches that i submitted, and i am curious to know why some of the changes that i made did not make it. i'd like to try and improve the work submitted in the future, and also discuss why i may disagree with some of the reverts.

  - i wrote javadoc and left @see comments on methods that were overridden, etc. those have been removed. this one surprises me the most b/c i've seen people asking about documentation and i was trying to fill that gap when/where i could. (i find the @see comments useful b/c i know exactly what method is being overridden/implemented in the class hierarchy). it seems that some documentation is better then no documentation, so if there are guidelines on this, i'd like to know.

  - the calls to save the plugin preferences were moved to the AbstractScriptDebuggingEngineConfigurationBlock b/c that's what the IPreferenceConfigurationBlock interface states its performOk method is supposed to do, so i felt this change brought things more in line w/ the api - is this not the case?

  - methods were added to the InterpreterConfig class to encapsulate getting/setting the host, port, override_exe etc so that that classes that interact with those common properties did not need to know what keys were used to store them - they could just call set/get methods to adjust them accordingly. the manner currently being used breaks the idea of encapsulation and doesn't insulate the sub-classes from changes that may need to be made that could affect those common properties.

  - it looks like the work i did for the debugging path validator got moved around, but not the error messages (i tried to clean up the grammar a bit more, no offense meant by this).

  great work on everything overall, i'm glad i was able to make the contribution - hopefully they will be a real benefit to others.

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