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Re: [Dltk-dev] Show hovers in Editor

Hi Nicolai,
Thanks for using DLTK.

We have generic facility for adding hovers.
Please look at org.eclipse.dltk.ui.editorTextHovers extension point,
org.eclipse.dltk.ui/plugin.xml and
org.eclipse.dltk.internal.ui.text.hover.DocumentationHover class for

But if you provide selection engine you could extend
org.eclipse.dltk.ui.scriptDocumentationProviders extension point,
implement IScriptDocumentationProvider class and you will get
documentation hovers and F2 working for you editor.
You can see
for reference.( Ruby ui plugin )

ps: I'd like to contribute to DLTK, so I'm asking if you are interested
in LunarEclipse and an editor for the Lua prgramming language.
We are very interested in great Lua or other IDE support based on DLTK.

For now we are quite busy with Europa release, so please continue your
work, and ask if you need support.
About contribution to DLTK we could discuss after Europa release.

Andrei Sobolev.

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