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[ditto-dev] Committer Election for David Schwilk on Eclipse Ditto™ has started

A committer election for David Schwilk on project Eclipse Ditto™
(iot.ditto) was started by Thomas Jaeckle with this criteria:

David Schwilk already did a lot of code contributions to the Eclipse Ditto™
project and is also actively supporting community questions, e.g. via GitHub
He is very experienced with the Ditto codebase and also contributed to the
Ditto Java client and to the examples as well.

His many pull requests can be looked at here:
- for Ditto:
- for the Ditto Java client:
- for the Ditto examples:

One of his outstanding contributions is the support for Azure IoT Hub in
Ditto which he also documented in his name in a Blog:

A recent example how he handles questions by the community can be found in
the comments of this issue:

It is my pleasure to nominate David as a committer on Eclipse Ditto™, I am
sure he will use his new power in a responsible way.

Eclipse Ditto™ project committers can click the election link below to



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