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[ditto-dev] Scala compiler issue with Intellij IDEA

Hello all.

First of all happy new year!!! I hope you are well.

I am experiencing a problem in the [ditto-rql-parser] project. The class depends on RqlPredicateParser.scala, but apparently the .java class can´t see the scala package: org.eclipse.ditto.rql.parser.internal.

I have tried updating the Scala plugin in Intellij IDEA, but that didn´t work.

I have also tried to change the Scala compiler configuration to Scala then Java, Mixed and Java then Scala, but also no help.

What is the Scala compiler are you using (version or plugin)? I know the Java version is 11.

One side note: everything works fine when I build the project using the command line using maven, the issue is inside the IDE only.

Thank you in advance for any help on how to build the project.


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