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[ditto-dev] New member

Hello all

My name is Domício Medeiros and I work at Bosch Security Systems. I am a language-agnostic developer who's been writing code for more than a decade now. I've worked in video broadcasting, finance and IOT (using Eclipse Ditto) just to name a few.

In the last year I've been working with Akka in a dotnet project (equivalent to Classic Actors) and I was wondering if I could give you some help.

What I bring to the table:
- Knowledge in multiple programming languages and paradigms: Java, Scala, C# and JS. OOP and Functional programming;
- Knowledge in parallel and concurrency libraries: Threads, Barriers, Tasks, Actors
- Actor system

I've been trying to find some developer specific documentation or wiki, but I couldn't find it. Maybe going through the docs at is enough for now?

Best regards,

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