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[cross-project-issues-dev] Orbit Versus Maven


As most of you know, Orbit provides regular builds scheduled to coordinate with the SimRel schedule.  For 2023-06 M1, Jonah produced this build:

and this specific p2 repository:

This repository composes the latest such stable build:

It is currently planned to reduce what's available via Orbit.  In particular, we plan to stop adding new versions of libraries to Orbit for those libraries available at Maven Central with proper OSGi metadata.  For such libraries one can use the m2e location in your project's *.target to fetch those libraries (and ensure that you PGP sign them), or use what's described below.

For SimRel I have analyzed those contributing projects that are pulling libraries directly from Maven and have implemented dependabot-like tools to help keep those projects up-to-date with the latest version as described here:

I've been helping the Platform directly with this activity; WWD and tm4e ought to have a look at the reports generated for them...

In any case, starting for 2023-06 M1, I will produce regular milestone builds (and eventually release/recommend builds) of all the direct-from-maven libraries being contributed by SimRel projects, updated to their latest available minor version:

This will always reference the latest such milestone:

In fact, there are a few additional libraries added because the build infrastructure tests that each library's transitive requirements are satisfied by other libraries in the repository. Going forward, we plan to add libraries to this repository to replace the older version in Orbit and also removing the library from Orbit.  Of course these libraries are all PGP signed.

To complement the Orbit repository and the direct-from-maven repository, I will also be producing regular milestone (and eventually release/recommend builds) of the aggregation of those two repositories, e.g., this for M1:

This repository composes the latest such stable build:

While building that repository (using the CBI p2 aggregator), I noticed that a significant number of the bundles in the latest Orbit stable build depend on bundles that are only available in older Orbit builds.  So the aggregation also pulls in any transitively-required bundles from the final older (CVS-driven) Orbit recommended (release) repository.  As such, the simrel-orbit repository is transitively complete with respect to requirements.

The simrel-orbit repository is intended to provide one-stop-shopping to cover all your Orbit requirements and to help coordinate the versions of all your direct-from-maven requirements.  Please try to use the latest versions available here, and look at your reports to avoid duplication and to avoid problems like the highly-problematic multiple-gsons problem we had during the previous release cycle.

If you have questions, please read the details in the following issue and ask the questions on that issue to avoid spamming this mailing list:

(Sorry, Oomph is not yet migrated to Github, so I keep this in my account repo for now.)


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