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[cross-project-issues-dev] GitHub builds stuck in queue due to limit per organisation

Hello to all the Eclipse projects out there.

I recently opened a support case with GitHub, because I repeatedly had
to wait for 3+ hours for my builds to start. You should know that
currently, the projects I am contributing to live in the catch-all,
top-level "eclipse" GitHub organisation, not in a separate organisation
like e.g. "eclipse-jdt", which is a major factor in the problem.

Part of GitHub support's answer was:

> Looking at this again, it appears the delay is actually caused by
> concurrency limits:
> An organization on the free plan will have a maximum of 20 concurrent
> jobs across all repositories in the organization. I can see a number
> of jobs executing on the repository:
> You will run into elevated queuing times in case other runs across the
> organization are already executing.
> The organization(eclipse) might qualify for a free upgrade to the Team
> plan (which allows 60 concurrent runs):
> You can review that and if eligible, apply using the link below:

So what I want to recommend to all Eclipse projects:

  1. Contact the Eclipse infra team and get your projects moved into
     their own organisations. Example tickets from other teams who have
     done that or are in the process of doing:

  2. Optionally, contact infra and make them talk to GitHub support in
     order to check if your projects qualify for a free upgrade to the
     Team plan (60 instead of 20 concurrent runs), see above.

  3. In the meantime or anytime you are experiencing blocked build
     queues, simply fork the project you are contributing to and run
     workflow builds on your own "organisation", i.e. your personal
     account. Just make sure that your GH workflow contains the option
     "workflow_dispatch", enabling you to trigger manual builds on any
     branch from the project's "Actions"tab. E.g.:

     name: Build AspectJ

         branches: [ master ]
         branches: [ master ]


Alexander Kriegisch
AspectJ & AJDT committer

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