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[cross-project-issues-dev] Did I need to migrate my Project Eclipse-BPMN2 ?


I know that I should not have ignored many emails regarding Git repo migration in this mailing list. Now I am not sure if my project status is still up to date.

The last time our project Eclipse-BPMN2 joined the simrel was 2021-06. Currently I try to update some plugin dependencies regarding latest Graphiti version and now my Jenkins Nightly Build failed.

Jenkins failed to checkout sources:

06:42:15  > git --version # 'git version 2.20.1'
06:42:15  > git fetch --tags --force --progress -- git:// +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/* # timeout=10
06:42:15 ERROR: Error cloning remote repo 'origin'
06:42:15 hudson.plugins.git.GitException: Command "git fetch --tags --force --progress -- git:// +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*" returned status code 128:
06:42:15 stdout: 
06:42:15 stderr: fatal: unable to connect to
06:42:15[0:]: errno=Connection refused

My question is: Did I need to migrate my project sources into another/newer repo? I am using still Gerrit which works fine so far:

For Issue tracking I am still using Bugzilla:

Is this still recommended or should I migrate to something else?

Thanks for any hints what I am doing wrong or what I missed the past 12 months

Best regards



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