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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] OCL, QVTd late

Xtext+MWE builds also have storage write problems

Am 03.08.21 um 11:40 schrieb Ed Willink:
> Hi
> The OCL M2 contribution is already late and likely to be much later
> since the OCL GIT repo remains stale and the
> genie seems to hang on disk accesses
> preventing any promotion.
> I'm unclear whether it is premature to report this, but
> suggests that everything is fixed and
> only needs monitoring. However in
> , I outline a
> succession of problems that were observable after the current outage
> 'ended'. Many of these problems have gone away no doubt as further
> synching has progressed.
> Is it possible that we can have a clear statement of where we are and
> when we expect to be back to normal?
> Why does synching take so long? I would expect synching to take less
> than a second. Given the stale nature of the OCL GIT repo, it appears
> that synching means restore from backup, so we need to know what has
> been lost and how much of the loss is temporary and how much is
> permanent.
> I am sure that the IT team are working very hard on a difficult
> problem and do not need interruptions.
> However announcing that the outage is over when it isn't is unhelpful
> to everyone. We all pile in to catch up and hit problems and so create
> more work for the busy team.
>     Regards
>         Ed Willink

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