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[cross-project-issues-dev] OCL, QVTd late


The OCL M2 contribution is already late and likely to be much later since the OCL GIT repo remains stale and the genie seems to hang on disk accesses preventing any promotion.

I'm unclear whether it is premature to report this, but suggests that everything is fixed and only needs monitoring. However in , I outline a succession of problems that were observable after the current outage 'ended'. Many of these problems have gone away no doubt as further synching has progressed.

Is it possible that we can have a clear statement of where we are and when we expect to be back to normal?

Why does synching take so long? I would expect synching to take less than a second. Given the stale nature of the OCL GIT repo, it appears that synching means restore from backup, so we need to know what has been lost and how much of the loss is temporary and how much is permanent.

I am sure that the IT team are working very hard on a difficult problem and do not need interruptions.

However announcing that the outage is over when it isn't is unhelpful to everyone. We all pile in to catch up and hit problems and so create more work for the busy team.


        Ed Willink

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