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[cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse IDE 2021-03 Simultaneous Release Participation

Greetings 2021-03 Simultaneous Release Participants.

ACTION Required*: Create your release record for 2021-03.

* If you need one and have not already done so. More below...

I'm starting to assemble the list of participating projects and versions.

If you are adding new updated bits to the simultaneous release, then you need to create a release record for the release that you are contributing. Set the date to March 17; earlier is fine, but not later.

If you are contributing a new major or minor release, and have not engaged in a release review since March 2020, then you need to initiate a release review (if you submit your IP Log for review now/soon, the EMO will guide you through the rest of the process). There's help for IP Log reviews and releases and reviews in the handbook. If your service release only includes bug fixes with no new features or significant changes, then no review is required.

Note that you only need to seek PMC approval or submit your IP Log if you need to engage in a release review (again, if you've done one in the last year, you probably don't need to do one now).

You are required to ensure that all intellectual property included in your release bits has been fully vetted by the process. If you're not sure, submit your IP Log and I'll have a look.

Note that the Eclipse Dash License Tool does a good job of identifying third party content that may need to be reviewed by the IP Team. 



Wayne Beaton

Director of Open Source Projects | Eclipse Foundation

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