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[cross-project-issues-dev] Fwd: Platform 2020-06 RC1 Contribution and Object Teams


In order to contribute the Platform/Equinox RC1 release to the simrel
I will be required to disable the Object Teams contribution due to the
following error received when validating the simrel repos:

04:48:22 InstallableUnit(
[3.18.400.v20200521-1000,3.18.400.v20200521-1001)) is required by:
04:48:22   ValidationSet(main)
04:48:22     Contribution(Object Teams for 2020-06)
04:48:22       MappedRepository(file:/home/data/httpd/
04:48:22         Feature( 2.8.1)

Note that as of writing have not yet merged any change into the simrel
repo because I did not see the mail saying that M3 simrel is complete.
I have the following changes prepared in gerrit:

CC'ing cross-project-dev for awareness.


Edit: Apologies if you get this message twice -- I initially
fat-fingered the cross-project list address :-(

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