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[cross-project-issues-dev] Donate to the IDE


As part of I've added a donation feature to the IDE.  This is similar to the Donate button in the installer that I told you about for the 2020-03 release which currently opens a page like this:

In the IDE, it will currently open a page like this one:

Which page opens and whether a page opens is controlled from the setup Index, so it can be changed/controlled externally. 

The page will automatically open once and only once for a given link.  I.e., the link is stored in this file


with content like this:${scope}&version=${scope.version}&campaign=2020-06

I authored the above page in an effort to try to create a bit more of a compelling message/reason to donate.  It includes details such as how to donate to the IDE with time versus with money, including up-to-date, detailed instructions for how to get involved as a contributor.

There is also this menu item to open that same link at any point in time later:

This work is coordinated with the Foundation's effort to better track the origin of donations:

The underlying idea is to better earmark the donation funds so that long term said funds could be invested back into specific investments related to the IDE as well as the effort involved in getting it released every 3 months.

If you have feedback or suggestions please use Bug 562040 for that purpose.


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