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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Installer Enhancements for 2019-12 / Making Marketplace Great Again

I tried installing the Simrel IDE (on macOS). When I run it, I get four errors from org.eclipse.e4.ui.workbench, including two ConcurrentModificationExceptions from SWT and a NullPointerException from mylyn, a warning from oomph.setup.core "org.eclipse.jgit.api.errors.TransportException: ssh://anonymous@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:29418/simrel/ No more authentication methods availableā€ a conflicting keybinding warning, and two warnings from org.eclipse.emf.ecore about conflicting registrations.


On Dec 10, 2019, at 6:12 AM, Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


On a more positive note, for the 2019-12 release, the installer exploits the platform's cool "link handler" support that was implemented by Matthias Becker; thanks Lars Vogel for drawing my attention to this gem.

As an example, this means that clicking the following link can automatically launch the installer, in this case, initializing it in order to provision a specialized IDE for contributing to SimRel.


It's kind of a chicken-and-egg problem that you must first download and register the installer once.  To make this step more  self-documenting, I've created a "help" page that describes how to exploit this feature:"">

This page uses the documentation extracted from the configuration (specified in the query parameter) so that it's contextually tailored, including all its links.

I've updated the simrel wiki to describe this automated approach to set up an environment for contributing to simrel:

So there isn't really a good excuse not to use the aggregation editor.  Admitted I too typically just edit my *.aggrcon files actually, but mostly because saving creates such a big delta.  But the editor does have advantages, i.e., I can see if I pasted the URL incorrectly and that the  IUs resolve correctly.   More importantly, as I mentioned previously, if you're adding a feature that needs to be in a category or removing a feature when it or any other feature after it are in a category, you will break the model if you do this textually.  And there were many such broken links as a result...

This same mechanism can be used to provision a development environment with the source for the full Platform SDK:"">

You can do this for your own projects too.  One-click contributions from your community are at you finger tips.

In addition, this same mechanism can also be used to install marketplace listings, e.g.,"">

So the installer now allows users to create an installation that includes one more additional marketplace listings as well.

To help make the marketplace listings great again, the listings are now tested daily.  Bad listings give a bad impression of Eclipse, especially when we provide them ourselves.

Currently there are 1316 marketplace listings that specify update sites.  Of those, 541 have problems; some have minor problems, e.g.,  it can't be installed in the versions of Eclipse with which it's specified to be compatible, but many have major problems, i.e., the p2 site doesn't exist or doesn't contain the bundles/features that are required by the listing. The user perception is that anything they get from marketplace is "Eclipse" and any problem with those are "Eclipse" problems...

If you maintain a listing, you can review the test results for your listing as follows:"">

For the above listing, we can see that it doesn't actually install in versions of Eclipse older than Photon (and we can see why by clicking on the error icons) so it would be best to improve this listing to exclude those versions.

Thanks to the Foundation's awesome web designers, a link to these listing-specific test results is available via the circled link on your listing's site:


So if you maintain a marketplace listing, please help make it great too!!

If you have comments, suggestions, or concerns about the marketplace listing reporting, please do so in:

If you have comments, suggestions, or concerns about the installer's web link support, please do so in:


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