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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Can we please stop using composite repos?


I think one way that a *.target is invalidated is in the case that one specifies exact IU IDs in a *.target file.  Then of course the specific versions could disappear and a *.target that previously resolved would no longer resolve (and PDE has a bad habit of destroying the target platform when there is a resolution failure).   Of course if you point your *.target at a moving p2 target it seems silly to also specify exact versions, so I'm not convinced that this is actually a good reason. :-P

Also, I'm pretty sure that when you do a rollback, that p2 is literally rolling back to an older version of the profile that is actually on disk, and it reuses the artifacts that are also still on disk. So I don't think rollback requires the artifacts to exist in the original update site from which they were fetched.

In the end, even if there is a good reason for having 3, or 2 most recent M*, RC* in the train update site, when the release is made visible, only the R version is present, so that would also cause whatever problem having 3 or 2 prevents.  In addition, it's always possible to also support a latest composite that does include only the most recent M*, RC*, R (as well as the EPP site, preferably the most recent corresponding simple site and is updated only when those two corresponding things exist).  The clients would benefit (less repos to load) and the server would benefit (less repos to serve), and the servers benefit results in a client benefit (the servers are less likely to be slow from being overloaded).


On 10.12.2019 15:38, Jonah Graham wrote:
Thanks Ed and Mikael for responding.

I will change to use the staging repo to build & release my EPP product - I hadn't liked it in the past because it was a moving target as people updated the simrel contents.

However, I was only referring to multiple children providing just different versions of the same content - not composites with different content. There are specific failures when there are multiple children with the same content - yet none of the answers or the FAQ answer the question of the use case of having a single repo with multiple versions available. However, I don't understand this line from the FAQ: "and once we remove it, it will invalidate that target". How does changing the composite to point from M1 to M2 do that?

Anyway, this seems to be one of the things that are the way they are - I hope to understand but I am not sure I will.



Jonah Graham
Kichwa Coders

On Tue, 10 Dec 2019 at 03:40, Mikael Barbero <mikael.barbero@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Can the composite only include the current/latest version, or can someone educate me as to the value of having multiple versions?

It's a really good question.  It just seems to be a "habit" to compose multiple children, usually with some restriction on the number of children, e.g., the most recent n children.  But personally, just to make everything faster for the client and less overhead for the server, I would prefer to use a repo with a single child with the most recent version.  

So what prompted everyone to have this habit?  

AFAIK, it comes from the simrel process of "making visible" the repository to the world (after the quiet / mirroring time). See code comment in


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