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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] End of an Era: shell access.


Comments below.

On 2019-08-27 3:11 p.m., Ed Merks wrote:
> On 27.08.2019 20:47, Denis Roy wrote:
>> Ed,
>> Would you feel better setting aside your winter instead of summer?
> Well, I'd prefer the fall if given a choice.

Please give Matt's suggestion on using sshfs (suggested in a separate
email response) and let me know how that works out.

>> Putting them in a CI would do everyone a world of good, so that
>> others can contribute to your enjoyment of summer.
> Of course I practically live for the good of others. :-P

Yes, and we thank you for that.

>> I do agree that you are ill-informed. What we're doing here is not
>> ultra-security, as you refer to it. What we are doing is on page 2 of
>> the "Running a server on the Internets 101" book that was published
>> in 1992.
> You're not throwing dogma in my face are you!?

Hmmm, maybe?

>> And you're right - Jenkins vs. shell is not much better. The new Jiro
>> (on Kubernetes) is.
> It's hard to keep up with the de jour trends.

I hear you. But some of this new stuff is actually quite good.

> Why did that start at 3:00PM today, just as I try to get the p2
> indexer working?  It's not that it couldn't resolve the thing, it
> can't download it, even though it's resolved. Why?!  Why now when I
> need builds to work, when I need to get M3 working in the tiny gap
> between Mac-can't-sign and Tycho-can't-download-file.
>> Thanks for understanding,
> As I said, sorry for ragging on you. 

Please don't apologize - we're all trying to get stuff done however we
can. Let's complain about it all together at EclipseCon in 2 months. I
always appreciate the conversation.



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