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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] End of an Era: shell access.

On 8/23/19 14:24, Matthew Ward wrote:
Hi Everyone,

 I just wanted to follow up with a reminder that on August 28th we will be moving committers that have an actual shell on Eclipse.org to our restricted shell.

I'd like to thank both Donat and Etienne on the Buildship RelEng team who volunteered to test this change, and helped me confirm that this change should be minimally disruptive.

If you have any questions, please let me know.


Thanks for the reminder.

Will those of use that still want to use 'scp' and similar still have a 'home directory' (on "build"?) and is that still the place for .ssh/authorized_keys2? Or, does all that change with "restricted shell"?

If a change, can you point me to instructions on how to set that up? I would assume some form of "ssh-copy-id hostname" but thought best not to assume and ask explicitly.

In case you are wondering, the use case, for using scp and similar is to download a number of builds to my local machine (without going through web interfaces).
Now that I think of it, I currently use rsync via ssh, such as

Ârsync -a -e ssh ${committer_id}@build.eclipse.org:${dlpath} "${output_dir}"

Will that still work with a restricted shell? Or, will I need to convert to "scp"?