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[cross-project-issues-dev] UI Monitoring

It seems that org.eclipse.ui.monitoring is more broadly enabled now. I suppose that's all fine and good, but I found it to be super annoying when launching self-hosted Eclipse instances. When you set a breakpoint that's hit in the main thread, this thing starts vomiting out console garbage. Of course the UI is blocked, I set a breakpoint for that purpose. But then I have to look at the console each time and see if my application is throwing exceptions or if it's just the annoying monitor.

It got so annoying I had to figure out how to make it stop, and that took significant detective work hunting through the Platform source... Finally I took the following approach.Â

Add the following to my Program arguments:

-pluginCustomization ${resource_loc:/org.eclipse.emf.site/plugin_customization.ini}

And put the following in that file:


I'm sure not many people will figure that out, so I thought I'd share the tidbit.

Perhaps someone knows a simpler/better way? Or perhaps the self-hosted launch could be smarter to disable this automatically? I expect this to become an annoyance for many a developer...

More of a concern, I now see log entries like this:

Is this a bug? Error reporting will tend to generate error reports for such things, though I'm not sure anyone cares about that or uses that anymore.


PNG image