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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [aeri] New issues first seen in Eclipse 4.12.x by projects

I wonder if the error reports can actually still be edited/triaged?

It seems impossible for me to reassign problems report to the platform or to assign Bugzilla to a bunch of "duplicate problems incidents."

For example, with this query I see 384 matching problems:!/problems/?c:!((t:project,op:contains_any_of,val:!(oomph)),(t:summary,val:'NoStackTrace%20below%20ECFURIHandlerImpl$ProxyHelper.createProxyWrapper%20(thrown%20in%20WinHttpProxyProvider.getProxyData)')),sort:!((prop:numberOfReporters,dir:DESCENDING))

This is one of those annoying problems that just doesn't go away:

A more general search turns up 614 such issues:!/problems/?c:!((t:summary,val:'%20WinHttpProxyProvider.getProxyData')),sort:!((prop:numberOfReporters,dir:DESCENDING))

Some have associate Bugzillas:

The deep underlying problem is actually this one:

Specifically there in the following code in the platform that logs an error message that's unavoidable in terms any caller having control over the logging of such messages:

It's particularly annoying for me personally: Since installing and using Fiddler to test the proxy support I always get this error message:

!ENTRY 4 0 2019-07-02 06:24:03.723
!MESSAGE WinHttp.GetProxyForUrl for pac failed with error 'The proxy auto-configuration script could not be downloaded
' #12167.

But there is nothing I can do to make it go away because it involves some native setting somewhere mysterious on Windows.

Users have this exact same problem too:

Such a user is directed to look at this bug:

But that's a won't fix.

I'm not sure the proper fix for this problem but we're going to continue to see problem reports that reflect poorly on Eclipse's quality and it seems we can't really triage them.


On 01.07.2019 10:00, Error Reports Bot wrote:

Greetings cross-projects-issues,

this is the biweekly overview of the TOP 10 open problems by project detected for Eclipse 4.12. All issues on this list have been reported the first time for that version and thus are likely new problems introduced during the milestones. Maybe we can triage them before they get released.

Cheers, your automated error reporting bot. The mail template can be edited at!/project-groups/575171f0e4b0ecdefebddbec

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