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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] http or https reference to P2 repos: (was Re: Initialization for 2019-06)

On 4/16/19 04:13, Ed Willink wrote:


I just changed the repo reference in the *.aggrcon from http: to https: but the resulting log changes from:

08:40:39 Adding child meta-data repository file:/home/data/httpd/


09:03:28 Adding child meta-data repository

This suggests that the SimRel build is able to exploit a trusted path to file:/home/data/httpd for http: but not https:

Is this a bug/limitation of the SimRel setup, or should we be using http: for references to EF-hosted repos in *.aggrcon?

This is controlled via a property in the ant "build.xml" file (or related property files) that specify what is re-written.
Since this efficiency step is pretty specific to the "SimRel" process ran "locally" on Eclipse infrastructure,
I suspect it is fine to leave as is and not solve by anything complicated. What I mean is

there is a property in '':


And, if that property is defined, then in the build.xml file there is a target
named rewriteRepositoryURL which does an ant <replace> task using the 'rewriteRepositoryURLValue'
and replaces what ever is specified in 'commonRepositoryDownloadURLValue'.

That "commonRepositoryDownloadURLValue" property
is currently specified as
in the build.xml file.

So, if all repo lines in aggrcon files were changed at the same time to use 'https', then only the build.xml file need be changed
to use 'https' in place of 'http' in that one property. (And then sanity checked since it is a simple "match and replace"
task with no regard for context.)

If there is a substantive reason to have a mix of 'http' and 'https', then I'd recommend using something like the <replaceregexp> task instead of the
<replace> task.

If any of this is desired, I'd suggest opening a 'cross project' bug (and assigning it to Fred :)


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