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[cross-project-issues-dev] http or https reference to P2 repos: (was Re: Initialization for 2019-06)


Checking one of my builds, I find 12 repos in the *.target file all specified as http: e.g.

  <location includeAllPlatforms="false" includeConfigurePhase="false" includeMode="planner" includeSource="true" type="InstallableUnit">
    <unit id="" version="0.0.0"/>
    <repository location=""/>

Checking my Tycho log, I find e.g.

[INFO] Fetching p2.index from
[INFO] Fetching p2.index from
[INFO] Adding repository
[INFO] Fetching p2.index from
[INFO] Fetching p2.index from

indicating that the platform is redirecting http: to https:

Is there an EF recommendation as to whether https: (more secure) or http: (less overhead) should be used?


        Ed Willink

On 02/04/2019 12:38, Becker, Matthias wrote:

From my point of view not using SSL nowadays is a bug.

One should use SSL / HTTPs everywhere these days.


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On Mon, Apr 1, 2019 at 5:14 PM Pierre-Charles David <pierre-charles.david@xxxxxxx> wrote: seems to be
the correct location.


Thanks for that.


Is it in general not better to serve this content through HTTP to avoid SSL overhead and encryption of large files? I have no clue what this means in terms of speed but since these repos are extremly popular it might be significant.





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