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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Photon has Oomph

Kick-ass cool Ed!! Brilliant. Thank you. I can find the Repo Explorer in CTRL+3 only, right?



On Mon, Jul 2, 2018 at 2:47 PM Ed Merks <ed.merks@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


I wanted to draw attention to some useful features that Eclipse committers might wish to exploit.


During the last release cycle I spent time ensuring that all the Eclipse Platform project's Oomph setups work.  Furthermore, I authored an Oomph Configuration to make it very easy to provision a development environment that contains the workspace projects from all Git repositories that are used to produce the Eclipse Platform SDK.  The following tutorial outlines the steps involved:

I personally find it super useful to have a workspace in which I can see the current state of every platform project where I can search all the source code (including finding uses of constants) and can also commit changes to Gerrit to help fix problems that I encounter during my day-to-day usage of Eclipse.  I would appreciate if other committers tested/tried the tutorial, especially on Mac and Linux.  The tutorial has a Bugzilla link for providing feedback.


Did you ever try to figure which Git repository any particular class comes from?  Just the Eclipse platform project has 24+ repositories.  Where oh where does that file come from?  When was the last time it was changed?  What did the historical versions look like?

In Photon, on the Navigate menu, you can use "Open Discovered Type...".  Note that it has a Help button; the ?-button even spins to attract your attention.  Please read it once to get the most value from it. 

This dialog, much like the "Open Type..." dialog (Ctrl-Shift-T), lets you search for Java classes using familiar camel-case search.  It lets you open the class in a browser (internal or external), or even in JDT's Java editor with pretty syntax highlighting.  Also, if there is an associated Oomph setup for the class' Git repository, you can use it to import the projects into your workspace.  You might use this if the debugger doesn't find the source, when analyzing an AERI report's stack trace, or when reporting a bug with a specific reference to source code.

Note that this dialog uses the index that we generate periodically for all Eclipse Git repositories hosted by and by so it really is an index of all Java classes of all Eclipse projects.


You all know how hard it is to find p2 repositories; they're so poorly documented.  Oomph's Repository Explorer provides the ability to search the index that we generate daily of all p2 repositories hosted on

You can use this to quickly find the best URL to use for your target platform.  Where are all your dependencies putting their builds for contribution to  simrel 2018-09, where did they put their Photon releases, where are their nightly/integration builds?  You don't need to guess...


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