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[cross-project-issues-dev] Building with Tycho against Platform M5 products requires some effort

Hi all,

As you may have seen on some other thread, build with latest release of Tycho with Platform M5 product (sdk, ide...) in target-platform can result in the following error:

[ERROR] Cannot resolve target definition:
[ERROR]   Software being installed: org.eclipse.platform.ide 4.8.0.I20180122-2000
[ERROR]   Missing requirement: org.eclipse.platform.ide 4.8.0.I20180122-2000 requires 'config.a.jre.javase [9.0.0]' but it could not be found

This would only affect you if you use the Platform *products* in your target-platform. It won't affect your build if it only references features or bundles directly, which are not the same way by the recent changes.

The story behind it is that in Platform M4/M5, p2 introduce a real support for BREE and that is an awesome improvement that is becoming more and more necessary with modular Java and more frequent releases.
But this major changes unveiled several pitfalls in p2 and downstream projects that were assuming that BREE support would never happen. Tycho being one of the affected components.

So if you see this error, it requires some action:
* Either you move to Tycho 1.1.0-SNAPSHOT which implemented a fix for it. Tycho 1.1.0 will be released soon and you should update to release whenever it's available, or
* you can use a workaround to explicitly add the (config.)a.jre.javase [9.0.0] units in your target platform. You can simply add these units in you .target file from the p2 repo of Eclipse Platform, or can add them as dependency-resolution/extraRequirements of you target-platform-definition configuration in pom.xml.

The related bugs with technical details are:

While we realize that asking for efforts in adopting newer versions may be annoying, the value here in this proper support of BREE is extremely high, and everyone who was involved produced a lot of work to minimize the effort for adopters. We're pleased by the current result which would only be to have complete support for it in upcoming Tycho 1.1.0 without additional adoption effort than migrating to this latest version.

Thanks for testing Platform M5 !
Mickael Istria
Eclipse IDE developer, at Red Hat Developers community
Elected Committer Representative at the Eclipse Foundation board of directors

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