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[cross-project-issues-dev] Latest platform I-builds requiring Java 9?

Hi all,

We have a canary build in Sirius which consumes nightly builds of all our dependencies, including the platform. It started failing 2 days ago [1] with:

[ERROR] Cannot resolve target definition:
[ERROR]   Software being installed: org.eclipse.platform.ide 4.8.0.I20180122-2000 [ERROR]   Missing requirement: org.eclipse.platform.ide 4.8.0.I20180122-2000 requires 'config.a.jre.javase [9.0.0]' but it could not be found

Nothing seems to have changed on the platform side (that I can see), but after some investigation it seems it could be caused by this commit [2] in p2. The date and scope of the change (Bug 530150 - Move JREAction default profile to Java 9) seem to match. If this is indeed the cause, my understanding is that either it should be reverted (perhaps temporarily) or the platform build updated to explicitly state it requires Java-SE 1.8, but not 1.9.





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