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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Many projects have not yet opted in to participate in Eclipse Photon


I will no longer have time to support EGerrit and the team has been dissipated, so EGerrit will no longer participate to Eclipse Photon



De : cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx <cross-project-issues-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> de la part de Wayne Beaton <wayne.beaton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Envoyé : 15 décembre 2017 15:01:41
À : Cross project issues
Objet : [cross-project-issues-dev] Many projects have not yet opted in to participate in Eclipse Photon
By way of background, we introduced the requirement that projects publicly state their intent to participate in each release to ensure that everybody is actually paying attention. In the past, we've had to scramble to sort out last minute issues because (some) project teams hadn't engaged. Participation in the simultaneous release requires some ongoing investment of time and energy from those projects that join in.

The deadline for stating intent to join the Eclipse Photon simultaneous release is EOB today. After that, the rules state that projects must work through their PMC to have the Eclipse Planning Council grant an exception to join after the deadline. 

I am pretty confident, however, that if you state your intent on this list by mid-week next week, the Planning Council will accept it. Please, get this done.

Any project that has not declared an intent to participate will be removed from the aggregation build prior to the M5 release. I'll work with Fred and Mikael to deactivate builds early in the new year.

AFAICT, the following projects have not stated their intention to participate.
  • Eclipse EGerrit
  • Eclipse e(fx)clipse
  • Eclipse Parallel Tools Platform (PTP)
  • Eclipse Sapphire
  • Eclipse Sphinx
  • Eclipse Target Management
  • Eclipse Communication Framework
  • Eclipse XWT
  • Eclipse PMF
  • Eclipse Orion
  • Eclipse Accessibility Tools Framework
  • Eclipse ATL
  • Eclipse Subversive SVN Team Provider
  • Eclipse Data Tools Platform
If you represent one of these projects and have chosen not to participate, please let the group know.

If you're listed here in error, I apologise. Please send me a harshly worded note pointing out my omission.

I am working with the Eclipse Data Tools Platform, so we'll likely get that resolved shortly.

The Eclipse Subversive team has indicated that they can no longer support the project, so we're going to have to sort out what (if anything) to do about that.

Since I'm pretty sure that the Eclipse Packaging Project is paying attention (and I am a committer on the project), I've created a 4.8 release at +4 (consider this the project's declaration of participation).

Thanks for your attention,

Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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