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[cross-project-issues-dev] New Java Release Cycle


FYI, it is now official and public that it is the intent of the Java platform team to move to a model where there will be a new Java release every 6 months.

I would expect that this will have a significant impact on the Eclipse simultaneous release cycle and processes.


OpenJDK and the JCP

Heather reported that the OpenJDK Working Group met on August 8. The summary is published on the EC Community page. Brian (Goetz) summarized the meeting for the larger EC; he reiterated the desire of OpenJDK to move faster - they would like to move to a 6 month release cadence with releases in March and September with the next release of Java SE in early 2018. Volker asked why we want more frequent Java releases, stating concern for long term support of Java. Steve suggested that support is an important point, but not relevant to JCP discussion, Brian reviewed the plan in the short term of the next release of Java to streamline stages and provide continuous delivery of specification work-in-progress. Simon asked about research on the decision to evolve Java more rapidly. Georges (Saab) explained that there have been many discussions in the community, and in order to stay relevant and moving forward to meet needs of the community, we need to be able to adjust to changes of direction and where things are going. Amelia asked about conducting surveys. Heather pointed out that Brian frequently conducts polls and surveys. We should promote and communicate them as they occur. Brian concurred that these have been valuable tools for input with thousands of replies. Mike DeNicola expressed concerns about ensuring the quality of the releases. Brian stated that the quality will be ensured through the specification process for vetting them, and revamping the deprecation process in Java SE 9. Oracle plans to file the Java 10 JSR in September, or as soon as practical, and have a December freeze date for the release. The OpenJDK Working Group will bring the discussions thus far into the JCP.Next Working Group. Separate meetings can resume again if needed.

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