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[cross-project-issues-dev] HIPP2JIPP migration status


Here is the current status of the HIPP2JIPP migration:

Number of HIPPs: 161
Number of JIPPs:  31

Successfully migrated HIPPs:
* app4mc
* Eclemma
* Eclipsescada
* EGit
* JGit
* package-drone
* SimRel

The tool that is used for the migration is now on GitHub:

Even though most of the common configurations/plugins are now covered
and converted reliably, there are some issues (see known issues on the
hipp2jipp Github page). To fix those and iron out issues in the tool,
all jobs of the migrated HIPPs were checked/compared manually.

Obviously this can not be done for all of the 161 remaining HIPPs with
the limited resources of the Eclipse Foundation's IT team. Therefore we
will have to rely on the support of the community. The current plan is
to do a best effort migration and give projects a chance to still see
the old configurations to compare it to the converted configurations
(the old configurations are backed up anyways).

If a project finds that a configuration option or plugin is not covered
by the hipp2jipp tool (and is feasible to do with the tool), a bug can
be reported. Pull requests are appreciated even more. :)

To reduce the migration effort, we will look for dormant HIPPs and
delete them after giving projects a chance to speak up if they still
need it. We also encourage projects to clean out old jobs and convert
cascaded jobs to normal ones (cascaded jobs are not supported in Jenkins).

If you have any ideas how the migration can be simplified, improved,
made faster, please let us know.



Frederic Gurr

Release Engineer
Eclipse Foundation

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