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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reviews are not required for Service Releases (and some other stuff)

We noticed that two projects that had dropped out of the release had not been removed from the aggregate repository build process. We've disabled the aggrcon files for both Eclipse Andmore and Eclipse GMF Tooling. Both of these projects were +3 in previous years, so I'm hopeful that nobody else depends on them. 

I did run a quick scan of the plug-ins in the repository, and I'm pretty sure that none of them reference the bundles from either of these projects. If you know that your project does depend on something that comes from either of these projects, please let me know ASAP.

While I have your attention...

If you are doing a service release, you are not required to engage in a Release Review, get PMC approval, or submit your IP Log for review by the IP Team. You are still required to abide by the terms of the Eclipse IP Policy, so please do make sure that you have the appropriate CQs to cover all third party content that you've added as part of your service release. Please just update your release record with a really good description and you're done.

If you're doing a major or minor release, then please do start engaging with the process. If you're not sure what to do, check with the handbook, or ask your PMC/mentors/EMO/me for help.

Please put some energy into describing your release in the release record. When somebody asks me "What's new in Oxygen", I'm going to point them to the details page [2]. This page is generated based on the content that you provide in the release record. A "teaser" version of the description that you provide will be shown here. If your description is short (~400 characters) then it will be used; you can click the "Insert Teaser Break" icon in the editor to indicate the separation between the teaser and the rest of the content; or you can click "Edit summary" to provide a custom summary.

I'll start on building the end-user-focused New and Noteworthy document [3] shortly. Please add yourself to the bug if you intend to contribute.

Thanks for your attention,



Wayne Beaton
Director of Open Source Projects
The Eclipse Foundation

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