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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [] Neon.3 update problem status

Hi Marcel,

> did any of the three scenarios previously result in an error? In other
> words: Was the problem reproducible for you and is that reproducible
> situation now fixed?

Good question. I was able to reproduce the issue when it first came up by installing the Docker Client into a vanilla Neon.3, and also by updating a Neon.2 that had it installed. So I actually didn't try this time around.

As it turned out now that I did, I couldn't get the broken wiring to appear even with the current public Neon.3 version. Equinox now always wires both MPC and USS to the non-broken 4.3.6 version, whereas it did wire MPC to 4.5 before, causing the breakage. I guess there's some non-deterministic element in what's going on in bug 514149[1]? Otherwise I'm not sure what might be different...

At any rate, installations based on the new Neon.3a candidate are looking good from MPC's perspective.



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