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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] [] Neon.3 update problem status

Hi Ed,

The corresponding EPP repository can be found here:



On 28.04.2017 10:25, Ed Merks wrote:
> Fred,
> If someone would let me know when there is a corresponding EPP
> repository available, I can do some further testing.   With regard to
> your specific question, if the p2.inf can specify an exact bundle
> version to remove that's probably a good idea.   And by exact I mean
> that it would only remove the known-to-be-broken versions of these
> bundles that no one should ever have used and no one should ever use in
> the future.  Those broken versions have never been in a "released"
> repository, except for Neon.3.  It should not remove newer versions of
> the fixed bundles, even though those might cause the same wiring
> problems.  That being said, I think a main contributing factor to the
> wiring problem is the constraints that were added to exclude higher
> versions.   I know for example that oomph and userstorage work fine with
> the latest versions of these bundles but it was constrained not to use
> to exclude the broken versions for Oomph 1.1.
> I hope that everyone who added such constraints will be sure to remove
> them for Oxygen M7.  Oomph's 1.8 contribution to Oxygen will use and
> contribute the latest versions of those bundles...
> On 27.04.2017 22:14, Frederic Gurr wrote:
>> Open questions:
>> - Do we need to use the uninstall command in p2.inf to remove old Http*
>> bundles for users that already upgraded to Neon.3 and have a broken
>> setup at the moment? How would that affect 3rd party plugins that might
>> bring their own HttpClient version (Martin's question)?
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