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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Guava 15/21 warning


I think a single global bug as well as cross-project is a bad place for discussing OSGi questions. We encourage our users not to open bugs for questions and be diligent and go the extra mile to do some research and reach out via forums. I believe as committers we should behave similar and also use such channels for questions and discussions to allow others participate and to lower the disruption for people relying on cross-project for announcements/project coordination. My apology if I get your intention wrong and you are not using cross-project as a general help channel for issues you have.

FWIW, I think your best bet right now is StackOverflow. There is a huge OSGi community there that can help answering your questions around uses constraint. If you feel there is a gap around tooling you could ask there as well what other people are using and/or suggest improvements to PDE (if you think there is a lack). I agree that uses constraint are almost impossible to get right manually. However, the PDE "Organize Manifest" wizard has a checkbox which works for straightforward cases.


Gunnar Wagenknecht
gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, http://guw.io/

On 14 Mar 2017, at 14:59, Ed Willink <ed@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Gunnar

There is no problem with Orbit, given the need to allow Guava to be a non-singleton.

If you have a technical solution that allows multiple Guava versions to co-exist, please add it to Bug 437107. My current understanding is that "uses" directives may be a solution but that no demonstration has been performed and so the requirements for tooling are at best guesses and of course not yet implemented. It is unlikleyt that any project currently complies with any potential "uses" solution.

IMHO Bug 437107 requires a solution, not a WONTFIX. Until we have a demonstrable solution with associated tooling, I feel we need to stick with the Luna 'solution'; all project's Guava dependency bounds include at least an agreed version and only that version is bundled, so only that version is used in practice.


        Ed Willink