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[cross-project-issues-dev] Severe regression in PDT Neon.3 RC4 - chance for a respin?


While testing the PHP EPP Neon.3 RC4 we found a severe regression [1]. While it does not affect the Simultaneous Release as a whole, it is something that would affect most of the PHP users.

I know the simplest and risk free solution is PDT to have a maintenance release on the date of the Neon.3 release train. But, as the affected workflow is one that would be executed early after starting the IDE, most probably, the affected users would not notice that there is a maintenance update they need to apply. The effect of freezing the IDE would result in a very negative experience with the Eclipse IDE.

For the above reasons, I'd like to ask what are our chances for respinning the Neon staging p2 repo?

Technically speaking, we need to revert one patch in PDT and release a RC5 milestone. Then the Neon staging p2 repo needs to be respun and then the EPP packages.


Kaloyan Raev | Zend Studio Team Lead
Rogue Wave Software, Inc.
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