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[cross-project-issues-dev] Requirements to participate in the Oxygen (2017) Release repository

Every year, the Planning Council specifies that M4 is the deadline for the council to have the official, final version of the Simultaneous Release Requirements. This year is no exception (though, sorry, I am sending this note a bit late in the day).

The requirements are the same as previous years, except we did add one new item. Its purpose is to help us all focus on the direction Eclipse needs to go with "continuous updates". At this point, though, the requirement is for projects to "document" such support and technically it is possible for a project to document "we do not support it". See the following section for the new requirement (and, please, read the whole document if you are new to the Sim. Release and, even if you are not new, I recommend at least skim reading it yearly! :)

As mentioned there I have also opened bug 509237 to have an ongoing discussion of what issues prevent "continuous updates".

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Off topic: This is not related to requirements, but does not deserve its own note ...

I have started a "trouble shooting" section in the Simultaneous Release FAQ called Common errors and what to do about them. Please contribute to it, if anyone has seen other common problems that I have forgotten about.

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Thanks as always!

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