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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Are restrictions on Bugzilla worse thanspam?

Gunnar Wagenknecht

On 14 Nov 2016, at 16:22, Denis Roy <denis.roy@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

We're using re-captcha on the sign-up page, but since Bugzilla doesn't have a moderation system it makes it an easy target. Since Bugzilla doesn't have a clean bug deletion process either it makes a messy cleanup.

So it's humans creating accounts and then bots doing the spamming, isn't it? What would prevent those users from following the new process? Are you actually checking their email addresses?

FWIW, is not the only Bugzilla installation. There are many out there. I know you are really interested in fixing this. We spoke about options in Ludwigsburg. I think I found another one.

I see the RedHat folks have dealt with the same issue. It seems they found a solution to do spam detection on new bug reports before they hit the database. AFAIK, Bugzilla allows extensibility via plug-ins. Maybe they have such a plug-in for sharing?

See comment 2 here:

Would it be possible to reach out to the RedHat folks and ask them for help/advice?


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