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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Are restrictions on Bugzilla worse thanspam?


We're using re-captcha on the sign-up page, but since Bugzilla doesn't have a moderation system it makes it an easy target. Since Bugzilla doesn't have a clean bug deletion process either it makes a messy cleanup.

Wiki and Forums have a crowd-sourced First Post moderation system which is quite effective and unintrusive. I've attempted to contact the Bugzilla developers to throw resources at the issue but I'm getting little traction.


On 13/11/16 10:28 AM, Daniel Megert wrote:
> Wasn't there is a captcha mechanism in place which prevents robots from registering accounts?

The webmaster said that the spam was not created by robots but real humans.


From:        Gunnar Wagenknecht <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To:        Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date:        12.11.2016 19:03
Subject:        Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Are restrictions on Bugzilla worse thanspam?
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I agree with Mickael that the situation is not good for an open community. Manual moderation does not scale and it is an extra wall for contributing.

Wasn't there is a captcha mechanism in place which prevents robots from registering accounts? Can we please prioritize the work to get the account sign-up fixed so that only humans can sign up?


Gunnar Wagenknecht


On 12 Nov 2016, at 17:49, Daniel Megert <daniel_megert@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The spam wasted at least half an hour of my time every day, so "NO", the spam must not come back. NO WAY!

If you feel good about the spam I suggest you sign up as moderator for the new accounts.


Mickael Istria <mistria@xxxxxxxxxx>
Cross project issues <cross-project-issues-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
12.11.2016 17:07
[cross-project-issues-dev] Are restrictions on Bugzilla worse than        spam?
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TL;DR: Bugzilla restrictions block new contributors - that's worse than spam.

Hi all,

A few weeks ago, because of a spam attack, access to bugzilla and ability to report bugs and comment on bugs for new members was restricted. New members now have to ask webmasters to be whilelisted and allowed to interact with the community.

I've got some colleague who just registered and tried to contribute and totally failed at it. The message about asking webmasters for whilelist wasn't visible enough apparently so they didn't realize it was necessary and just ended up  with an account which seem unusable to them. So I had to forward messages in their name:
Moreover, in that case, we're speaking about someone working on week-ends and is ready to contribute on week-ends, and I don't expect webmasters to promptly react to whilelisting request on week-ends. So even if the user would have sent a mail, it could have requested days to be processed.
If I had not been there to assist my colleague in contributing, he'd just had given up. And I'm pretty sure that several other people have given up contributing since the introduction of this "ask for permission" rule.

So IMO, the current state is by far worse than having spam. It makes the community more difficult to join for new subscribers and appear more closed than it is. A lot of effort were done in the past to "reduce barriers" from users to contributors, and this Bugzilla thing goes to the opposite direction.
Can we please have spam and new contributors again? And then consider approaches that have worked for other tools to avoid spam? I don't get why
bugs.eclipse.orgwould be the only service for which reCaptcha wouldn't work...

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