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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Are restrictions on Bugzilla worse thanspam?

With all due respect (and you know I do :) ), I have counter examples on how effective it is, at least lately, where a CDT committer still had to wait too long to get his Wiki access granted as we were putting things together for the Neon.2 release.
I would argue that this specific situation is actually a demonstration of the bar that people wishing to post spam now have to get over, but I understand it's less than desirable for honest users.  This is a side affect of these systems, and is somewhat magnified that Webmaster usually ends up handling the moderation duties.

Fortunately both of these systems(wiki and forums)allow us to delegate moderation permission to other users, so if you(or anyone else) are willing to pitch in even more I'm certainly willing to grant you the power.


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