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[cross-project-issues-dev] Update your desktop versions of "cbi aggregator" (aka b3 aggregator)

I have a build of the aggregator running in its new home, CBI, (see bug Bug 487478) but with the main fix I have made so far it may cause you to get an error if you use the old version.

The first thing I did was to base the current build on "Mars.2" (previous was way back on Luna). So when you install it, it is best to start with a Mars.2 environment.

I do not have a composite, yet, but you can use the URL of

The first thing I fixed was that the old model did not allow a "backup" for the buildmaster to me named. (So I would be the only one getting CC'd if there were problems).

Now that I have added that "buildmasterBackup" to the model, if you try to "validate" your contributions in the older 44 version of the editor you will get an error message that says basically "model contains unknown buildmasterBackup". I have updated the SimRel HIPPs that do validation. 


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