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[cross-project-issues-dev] [aeri] Change to how clients decide which error reports to send

Dear cross-project-issues,

we are currently investigating new approaches how to reduce the traffic AERI causes. One feature of AERI is to check a local database whether an error that was just logged is relevant to, or should be ignored, or needs additional information etc. Based on that information the user gets different popups (or non in case it should be ignored).

The problem with the current approach is that it, in the meanwhile, causes several TB of traffic per month. This traffic is currently distributed over the eclipse mirrors so it’s not directly affecting but IMHO its something that should be changed.

An alternative approach would be to replace the local problems database by a REST API where client’s can send a fingerprint to and get the same information directly from the server. The results may also be cached to limit/reduce further requests to the server. We estimate that this would reduce the traffic (TB) by an order of magnitude. 

The downside of such an approach would be that (i) we would see many more HTTPS requests to and (ii) that sending a fingerprint to may be considered as a privacy issue by some.

The former is something we need to evaluate and discuss with webmaster(s). This process has already started.

I’m looking for your input on the second part: whether sending the fingerprint of an error report to before the user explicitly agrees to send the error itself is considered a privacy issue. My personal take is that the fingerprint itself does not contain any reasonable private information. However, under some conditions committers may be able to “see” which errors a user hits on his machine even if he does not send the error report ( IFF we'd send the reporter id along with the fingerprint or would track the reporter’s IP address - which we do not do!).

Would you (better: who would) consider sending a fingerprint w/o explicit user confirmation as a privacy issue?

Thank you for your feedback

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