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[cross-project-issues-dev] A warning note on "Neon.1" tag in o.e.simrel.builds project

The note is relevant to anyone that checks out the "" project.

Yesterday I tagged the wrong commit has for the Neon.1 release. I could not delete it (and could not change repo settings that would have allowed me to delete it) so today the webmasters deleted it for me (thanks!).

See Bug 504827 for details. 

And, just now I have re-tagged the repo using the correct commit.

As far as I can tell, if you "fetched" the repo between yesterday and today (getting the wrong tag) then fetching again will not "replace" the wrong tag. I think there are two solutions (other than re-cloning):

1) from command line, I think git fetch --tags will be sure to get all the remote tags, effectively replacing your local (incorrect) version;

2) From an EGit advanced fetch page, select the option that says something like "Always fetch tags .... " instead of leaving at the default of "Automatically follow tags .... ".

If you look at Git history from Eclipse, the correct Neon.1 tag should be associated with commit 449b9618f320e557e9adb05c5fc0d272d045fefd. 

(The incorrect tag I think would be associated with commit 2c4ae083c3d055a85ea0438b3cb5604945a9d071)

Sorry for the inconvenience that required "changing history". 

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