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[cross-project-issues-dev] Note we will be doing a respin of Neon.1 for a MPC fix

Per the Planning Council's decision yesterday, we will be doing a respin of Neon.1 for a fix in MPC (Market Place Client). Part of the reason, besides it being a very bad "cross-project bug" (several other common projects are impacted, such as using EGit via a proxy), is that there is no easy way for users to "get" the fix without a respin.

See bug 501000 for the problem to be solved by the respin.

See bug 502937 for the mechanics of doing the respin.

NOTE: this will be easiest if we simply usurp .../staging/neon repository for a few days (until about next Tuesday) for the purpose of producing the respin. This means in effect I will be suspending "Neon.2 builds" until the fixed repository and EPP packages are ready.

If this greatly inconvenience anyone working on or testing early "Neon.2" staging, please comment in bug 502937 and I will consider alternatives. Sorry for the short notice, but I will suspend Neon.2 and begin the work approximately noon today.

Thank you,

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