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[cross-project-issues-dev] Gerrit Oxygen aggregation validation is open for business

On 09/08/2016 09:00 AM, David Williams wrote:

So, I will ask that projects please contribute what you can to "be current" (even if it is the same your "neon input"). And, I ask that you do that even if Gerrit does not pass. I am not sure Gerrit will pass until a fair number of contributions have been updated. I will keep an eye on things, and if it ever appears we can get "green builds" by disabling only a few contributions, I will do that, so that you all make make use of Gerrit again.

Much thanks to those of you who made a few quick fixes that now allows the Gerrit/Hudson validation job on Oxygen stream to run again with reasonable accuracy. I did have to disable one project, bpmn2-modeler (BugĀ 501098), but the rest are "enabled". That does not mean they are all correct! :) But at least they can correct themselves now using the preferred method of submitting to Gerrit/Hudson (preferred since that reduces the risk of "breaking the build" for others).

I know most of you are busy finishing Neon.1, but I hope you find a few minutes to update your Oxygen contributions (if they need to be). Put another way, there is no need to wait until your +n day to provide something close to what you might provide on your +n day, just so that problems can be spotted earlier.


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