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[cross-project-issues-dev] ALERT: I have (re) enabled all contributions in Oxygen aggregation

At the Planning Council meeting yesterday, it was decided to no longer disable all contributions at the start of a development cycle, but instead assume an implicit "opt-in" and we will find other ways to track projects which are inactive or unresponsive or which never "declare intent" or submit release records.

This is not entirely "good news" since the stream still does not "validate". There are many issues exposed now: some "missing repositories", many constraints not satisfied.

I am thinking this is primarily due to people not making contributions since Gerrit would not "validate" due to something being disabled, and people just giving up and not updating their files to be "current".

I tried just disabling a few, to see if I could get a complete build with only a few missing, but there were far too many "circular" dependencies and I gave up after disabling 5 or 6 since it was obvious not much progress could be made that way.

So, I will ask that projects please contribute what you can to "be current" (even if it is the same your "neon input"). And, I ask that you do that even if Gerrit does not pass. I am not sure Gerrit will pass until a fair number of contributions have been updated. I will keep an eye on things, and if it ever appears we can get "green builds" by disabling only a few contributions, I will do that, so that you all make make use of Gerrit again.


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