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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse for Committers

1. Delete the "Eclipse for Committers" package entirely. Recommend that commiters install the "Eclipse Platform" build (or whatever package it is that builds ). Update the oomph scripts to install any extra stuff as part of the oomph install script rather than as part of the package.
IMHO, that would make sense. Especially since there is an "Eclipse for RCP/RAP developers" which contains a super-content of the "Eclipse for Committers" one (and no, RAP isn't affecting badly UI nor performance as some thought in the past).

There was informal discussion in the past to merge both into one single package. No action yet but I think it's still a valid idea.

The "Eclipse for Committers" is indeed a bad name for Platform, because it seems to be the standard package for committers, whereas it's actually not the one that works for Platform.

The Eclipse for Committers package is not (and never was) intended as being a package just for "platform". It's a package intended for Eclipse committers working on projects within the Eclipse infrastructure. The bare platform missing essential things such as support for Git, Gerrit and Bugzilla.

It's actually not intended for self-hosted development of Platform UI. But I like

3. Keep the current "Eclipse for Committers" package with its current contents and start running integration builds for it.
EPP packages are built on any SimRel change, so what you're asking for here is supposed to be available at (when there is a good build available).
Maybe the Platform doc can be updated to recommend using such integration build. - this one is for a nightly build. However, I think "nightly" in the world of EPP sort of means aggregation of I-builds. It would be an aggregation of whatever projects submitted to the common repo. I don't think you should point directly to the Hudson job in the Platform doc. It's not a reliable piece of infrastructure. That's why there is the bug. We need some automation to publish good update sites / aggregations on a daily base.


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