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[cross-project-issues-dev] Eclipse for Committers

Our current best practice has been for all Eclipse committers to self-host with the latest integration build all the time.

However, if you try to download the Eclipse for Committers package:

...and try to install the update site for the latest 4.7 integration builds:

...things don't install properly because there's stuff in the Eclipse for Committers package that isn't included in the 4.7 I-build. This is especially problematic because the UI setup page instructions tell users to start by installing Eclipse for Committers: if anyone follows these instructions, they aren't actually using an I-build and don't have an easy way to change their environment to do so. This also seems to be a problem with all Oomph-installed versions of Eclipse. Since Oomph uses these Eclipse packages as the basis for all of its installations, there doesn't seem to be a way to use Oomph and an Eclipse 4.7 I-build at the same time, which is a real problem. I've described it in more detail here:

From what I can see, the solution is to make sure that both the Eclipse for Committers build and our Oomph installer scripts are based on something which has integration builds, which leaves us with a couple options:

1. Delete the "Eclipse for Committers" package entirely. Recommend that commiters install the "Eclipse Platform" build (or whatever package it is that builds ). Update the oomph scripts to install any extra stuff as part of the oomph install script rather than as part of the package.

2. Keep "Eclipse for Committers" package, but reduce its contents such that it contains exactly those plugins that we produce integration builds for. Update the Oomph scripts to install any extra stuff as part of the install script.

3. Keep the current "Eclipse for Committers" package with its current contents and start running integration builds for it.

Personally, I'd recommend 1 since having one less package would reduce the load on our build machines for full releases and the platform oomph scripts are capable of installing anything that we previously installed as part of the committers package, but are significantly more flexible.

  - Stefan

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