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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] New UUID in Eclipse Platform


On 04/06/2016 16:11, Doug Schaefer wrote:
I'm neither for or against this. I do agree the communication was late. It probably would have been better to not tell us at all :).

I do see the need for recognizing individual installs though. Tracking IP address as we've done to date hides a lot of data behind corporate firewalls that present a single address for all their employees.

I'm a single user, but I have a firewall router for my machines. The non-static IP moves occasionally. Am I multiple users due to IP reallocation? Am I multiple users due to multiple machines? When I re-install from download ZIPs, am I fewer users?

You are now destroying your goal since you have lost your credibility. In principle I see no harm to me in the gathered data, but I no longer trust the EF to do the right thing. I'll be uuid=0 henceforth.

NB. The uuid=0 is not an opt-out since the opt-out cannot easily be made till after an opt-in has been in place for minutes if not days. (I cannot edit a file to be uuid=0 until Eclipse startup has created the file and no doubt done an initial communication with some server.)


        Ed Willink

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