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[cross-project-issues-dev] Tuleap, try it now


A few months ago I announced the availability of a trial installation of Tuleap at the Eclipse Foundation. Though a few of us tried it, no team adopted it to perform their development. This has now changed. I'm happy to report that the EGerrit project completed its move to Tuleap. You can see the project page at

Here are a few things that we, at EGerrit, liked about Tuleap:
- First and foremost, the ability to have a Kanban board with the columns the team needs ( Beyond the obvious benefit to the team, I think this board is a very efficient tool to communicate the status and roadmap of the project to the community. I'm pretty excited to see if this helps us grow. - Customization of the "new bug" page on a per-project basis. For example in EGerrit, we ask for the Eclipse version being used - Another nice feature is the ability to have all the information about the project in one place. You will notice that the EGerrit project page shows a short recap of the project, the list of hudson jobs, and even a pie chart of where our bugs sit.

What has changed to make EGerrit move to Tuleap?
- Enalean has built a tool that makes it super quick to import bugzilla bugs into Tuleap. - Support for OAuth has been added to Tuleap and the Eclipse Foundation OAuth support is on its way.

There are several possibilities to learn more about Tuleap:
- Attend EclipseCon France next week and talk to the Tuleap team who will be presenting ( and have a booth where they will be able to help you migrate ( - Open a ticket in the community project at

I'm hoping that you will give Tuleap a try because I really think it is the right tool for the job.


Ps: I'm not in any form of commercial relationship with Enalean

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