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[cross-project-issues-dev] PLEASE READ What's missing for Neon Release Reviews

Greetings Cross-project folks!

We're in the paperwork stage of the big Neon Simultaneous Release. You may have noticed that I've scheduled some of the release reviews to conclude tomorrow, June 1/2016. I decided to just schedule reviews as project teams obtained the necessary approvals. I had originally set June 8th as the the official slot, but since we always seem to have two rounds of reviews anyway, I instead decided to just fit into the usual first and third Wednesday slots.

The next review slot is June 15/2016.

This means that I absolutely need to have the necessary approvals for all projects engaging in a major or minor release with Neon by EOB on June 8th.

I've heard from most of you, but there are still a few projects that haven't submitted their IP Logs for review by the IP Team or the review documentation for approval by the PMC.

If your project is doing a major or minor release with Neon, then I need both of those things. I need them as soon as possible.

I've created a tracking bug for every project that is contributing either a major or minor release to Neon. I have a query that lists all projects that I'm waiting on for something [1]. If your project is listed here, then I either need IP Team approval of your IP Log or I need PMC approval of your release and corresponding review materials.

Your project will appear on this list if you've already submitted your IP Log, but it has not been approved [2]. I believe that I've captured all PMC approvals as of now; I'll continue to update these tracking bugs as approvals appear. Let me know if I've missed something. You don't need to tell me that you've submitted your IP Log and are waiting for approval.

You may also have noticed that we've started submitting IP Logs via a new interface in the PMI, and have are processing them though IPZilla. After your IP Log has been approved, you don't need to do anything more with it. IPZilla will be the home for approved IP Logs moving forward.

Thanks for your attention,


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
          France 2016

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