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[cross-project-issues-dev] On the issue of building with the latest Orbit repository


Thanks for bringing this "no maintenance, no new Orbit" issue to my attention.

While the Planning Council does not like to "make" people do extra work they would not normally do, I believe it was the intent of one of our requirements [1] that the latest Orbit be consumed every update release -- if there has been a new Orbit "released". Most often there is not a new Orbit release, since we in Orbit do that only for significant issues. This time, it was only for the 'commons.collections' security bug, and a bad bug in Ant 1.9.4 that drove us to provide Ant 1.9.6. [2].

While I will not say you *have* to update and provide a new build, I would encourage you to, as well as anyone else who uses "commons.collections" since we don't want to "spread around" a package that has known security flaw in it.

As far as I know, in most cases of installing and updating people will get the correct, fixed version of that bundle, but am not positive that is always true so I hate for it to be the available from any of our "most recent repositories" (Simultaneous Release or not) -- after all, the b3 aggegator is including it for some reason -- so someone must say they require it?  

But I am also not the "security policeman" that will say that bundle must be expunged from all current downloads. (If I recall, the security issue only applied to specialized cases ... but, if you were running in that case, it was a bad security bug possibly leading to a malicious person "executing arbitrary commands".

I have opened bug 487285 to investigate or discuss this issue further. [3] And,  I will put this on future Planning Council agendas to see if we can word that requirement [1] better so that all projects know better what is expected of them.

Thanks again,


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Date:        02/04/2016 01:12 AM
Subject:        Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Mars.2 ?
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Hi David

On 03/02/2016 22:29, David M Williams wrote:
- Every contribution file has changed since Mars.1. Also good. (i.e. no projects are just sleeping and forgot to update :)

You might want to review your query. qvtd.b3aggrcon was last changed by me on 26 June, and by you on 14 July.

We are certainly not sleeping, and did not forget to update. Just working very hard to support the functionality required for graduation to 1.0.0.

And ... worst of all, IMHO, some "old" third party jars are still being used, which implies to me someone is not using the latest version of Orbit (R20151221205849).
But if a project has no maintenance to contribute, I thought no rebuild/contribution was required and so of course an old Orbit would be in use. (I don't think that QVTd imposes tight bounds on Orbit contributions.)


        Ed Willink
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