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[cross-project-issues-dev] Ready for Mars.2 ?

I am sure everyone knows that "now" is the deadline for RC2 submissions so I am not asking for anymore changes "now", but I recently took a look at the 'input' and 'repository reports' and will highlight a few findings.

- Everyone is enabled! That's good.
- Every contribution file has changed since Mars.1. Also good. (i.e. no projects are just sleeping and forgot to update :)

But looking at the repo reports, at

I see a few issues that need to be addressed before the release (if they have not been already):

- A number of bundles are missing "legal files"

- Even a feature! (which seems rare, for us, to be missing completely)
[note the %license printed for o.e.bpmn2.modeler.runtime.jboss?]

And ... worst of all, IMHO, some "old" third party jars are still being used, which implies to me someone is not using the latest version of Orbit (R20151221205849).

Notice that someone is using org.apache.commons.collections  version 3.2.0. But it is not even in Orbit -- any longer -- because it had a security issue fixed in version 3.2.2. PLEASE update for RC3!

There are certainly other "problems" in the reports, but those above, to me, are the worst.

But, overall, things are looking pretty good! Thanks,

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